Bob Parkinson Models - Regal Eagle F-15


Download the Regal Eagle for RC-AirSim v1.0 !!

Download the BPM Regal Eagle F-15 aircraft files ---->  (3 Channel Version - Just like the kit! - 80 KB)

Download the Regal Eagle with Rudder control---------->  (4 Channel Version - with Rudder added! - 80 KB)

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the .zip file.

  2. Unzip the .zip file.

  3. Save the four files into the RC-AirSim v1.0 installation directory.  Most likely the path to this directory is: 
            C:\Program Files\Fabricated Reality Software\RC-AirSim v1.0

  4. The BPM Regal Eagle F-15 will now appear in RC-AirSim!  Registered users can fly it.  The 3 channel Regal Eagle has throttle, elevator, and aileron controls.  The four channel Regal Eagle has throttle, elevator, aileron, and rudder controls.   Enjoy!

Want to see the real life Regal Eagle radio controlled ducted fan model airplane?  

Check it out at Bob Parkinson's website:  Bob Parkinson Models

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