RC-AirSim Model Aircraft Flight Sim Development Status

RC-AirSim v1.0 is released!  Download the demo.

September 14, 2006

The BPM Regal Eagle F-15 is finished!  Download it for FREE today! 

September 3, 2006

The BPM Regal Eagle F-15 will be available for FREE download in the next few days!  Registered users will be able to fly it !

March 22, 2006

Here is what the upcoming BPM Regal Eagle F-15 is looking like.  It is still in-work!

February 12, 2006

Coming Soon:  Another model airplane to fly in RC-AirSim!  Demo Users will be able to preview it, and Registered Users will be able to fly the Bob Parkinson Models Regal Eagle F-15.  Available soon as a Free Download!

This is what it looks like so far:

BPM Regal Eagle - Tail Feathers and Wing

November 22, 2004

The next version of RC-AirSim will be called RC-AirSim V2.  RC-AirSim V2 is now under active development.  Here is what has been worked on so far:

June 27, 2004

Development of RC-AirSim v2.0 continues...

Features under development are:

June 15, 2003

RC-AirSim v1.0 is released!!  

July 24, 2002

RC-AirSim v1.0 is currently under development.  
(The previously released version is RC-AirSim v1.0 Beta.)

The first NEW aircraft in RC-AirSim v1.0 is the :

Slowmowatt Electric Park Flyer
(The Slowmowatt is a tail-dragger and is an actual model that is available in kit form from ModelAir-Tech.)

Weight < 1 lb           Wingspan = 53.5 inches

The Demo version of RC-AirSim v1.0 will be available for free download.  New features in the Demo version of RC-AirSim v1.0 include:

Demo Version Features

  1. 3 aircraft including

  2. Improved Joystick/Controller support

  3. Microsoft DirectX 8.1 Graphics

Note: The demo version limits flying time to a total of 5 minutes each time you run the program.

If you register your copy of RC-AirSim v1.0, a cost of $8.95, then the following additional features become available:

Registered Version Features

  1. Unlimited flying time.

  2. 3 Additional aircraft for a total of 6 to choose from.

  3. Editable aircraft flight characteristics.

  4. Support of Microsoft DirectX ".x" 3-D graphics model files.

Features 3 & 4 allow the advanced user to completely customize or create their own aircraft.

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